Thinking About the Landing Zone Pro Dock

For sometime, I’ve been looking for ways to expand the ports on my MacBook Air. Mainly, I need a way to get wired Ethernet along with connecting an external monitor. Currently, the MBA’s single ThunderBolt port serves both functions so it’s either wired Ethernet or an external display.

There are Thunderbolt expansion docks by Matrox and Belkin, but these are expensive! Both of these docks offer what I need but at a prohibitive price and the need to buy an expensive Thunderbolt cable. Enter the LandingZone 2.0 PRO. You need to buy the Landing Zone dock that matches your MacBook Air model otherwise the dock simply won’t fit.

Seems like physically docking the Air takes some getting used to, but the Landing Zone includes its own gigabit Ethernet port which then frees up the Air’s Thunderbolt port for an external display. You’ll get some extra USB 3.0 ports as well, but having wired Ethernet along with an external display at a reduced cost makes for a compelling solution.

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