Waimanalo Christmas Parade 2014

I’ll let you in on a little holiday secret. For all the Christmas parades that happen around Oahu, the Waimanalo Christmas parade is probably the most authentic and unique event of them all. It’s definitely not the biggest or flashiest nor are there local celebrities (except for an unexpected visit by Nainoa Thompson) walking the route. But you’ll see some interesting local kine sights.

The Waimanalo Feed Supply store is a marquee of the parade procession, and this year along with sweet treats, there were goodies for the canines on Santa’s Nice List.

Horseback riders strolling through the neighborhood community? Only in ‘Nalo.

The fans and the families lined Kalanianaole Highway ready for the show.

The Kailua High School marching band led the way.

But not to worry, order was maintained with the presence of the Bellows Air Force Station security forces. No matter if their vehicles were “holidazzled.”

Who else was out there watching the show? The kupuna, the dogs, a pig, a drone, kids, custom bike riders, new families, and let’s not forget the amped up golf carts.

You just don’t see hats like this anymore…

Although the clouds drizzled down occasional Hawaiian snow, the event was mostly dry unless you were by these guys.

Waimanalo is as Waimanalo is, and there are tractors and trailers, and the Research Station is still going strong.

But they may have been distracted by the offer of lilikoi butter!

Smiles all around.

Then the rolling thunder of the big rigs.

Horns don’t get tired I guess. My personal favorite had to be this crew.

Yeah you!

Brought to you by Ride Safe Hawaii.

Just don’t mind that most of the riders are not wearing protective safety gear. This is the way of Waimanalo.

Santa’s elves roll in these semis I think.

See, there’s one now driving this massive truck with bystanders and kids lining the roadway, just a few feet on each side.

Hydroseeding provided the live music welcoming Santa Claus himself.

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas compliments of Waimanalo!

Check out even more pictures from the Waimanalo Christmas Parade 2014.

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