iTunes Match vs Apple Music

apple-music-for-youI’ve been a subscriber to iTunes Match since its inception. All my music in the iCloud available to all my connected devices. Not a bad proposition for $25 a year. But now there’s Apple Music which has similar features as iTunes Match but is different. Apple has had to explain the differences between iTunes Match and Apple Music as well.

While I’ve been satisfied with having access to my music ala iTunes Match, I admit that I enjoyed the free, three-month trial of Apple Music. I learned of and listened to several new songs thanks to Beats 1, but really, that “For You” musical suggestion engine is the appeal. Based on my personal music collection, suggestions were ear-opening as I discovered new tunes from new artists like this remix from Jon Hopkins featuring Lorde.

So I switched (for now). I let my iTunes Match expire and jumped on the Apple Music bandwagon for $10 per month. Instead of buying Kid Cudi’s latest, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, for $15, I’ll stream the tracks instead (and wonder what happened with this album???). And I’m relying on My Music to uncover more great hits.

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