Kicks Analysis 2016 #1: Shoe Sponsorship

Well, well, well. Will you look at that. There’s another player in the game. Don’t get me wrong, Nike still dominates the field of 64 with 40 teams (62%), and Adidas has a respectable 22% of the field with 14 teams. So what about that remaining 16%? Ten March Madness dancers wore Under Armour shoes. That’s double the number of teams from last year.


Let’s take a look at the trends of 2016 where Nike lost 8 points, Adidas went up 3, and UA pulling in 10.


The ten UA teams are Texas Tech, Seton Hall, Utah, Cincinnati, Maryland, South Dakota St., Temple, Notre Dame, S.F. Austin, and my personal favorite, Hawaii. Hawaii’s game shoe of choice belong to the Curry line, both 1 and 2. Though if I had a say, the whole team would wear the lucky Curry 2 Suit & Tie.

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