Would an iPod Prince Edition Sell?

prince-logoThis goes beyond a royal purple aluminum exterior. This is more than Prince’s logo etched on the the back of the iPod. Listen with Beats by Dre headphones in either Purple Rain or a Diamonds and Pearls special makeups. This is more value than the limited edition Price iPod of 2009.

Think of Prince’s songs on an iPod (yes, that iPod of yesteryear). What if, what if Apple was able to get the rights to all of Prince’s available music and package them on a commemorative iPod? Since Prince had essentially removed all his songs from online services, finding them in a digital format isn’t easy or convenient. So if music fans are willing to purchase and listen to Prince’s music catalog, why not an iPod Price Edition?

Until then, it’ll be like this.

Loading up the CD changer with #Prince #throwingitback

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