Went with the Caseology Vault for My iPhone 7

While there was a surprising number of cases available for the iPhone 7 at its launch, I was drawn to Caseology’s Vault case with its carbon fiber styling. At roughly $10, the case doesn’t actually have carbon fiber in it, just a facade that mimics the look of carbon fiber. Hey, it works for me!

Caseology Vault

The case offers sufficient protection, but it’s not heavily padded against serious bumps and bruises. The styling plays into the feel of the case with the carbon fiber accents offset by matte black paneling. None of the case materials is slick or slippery. The back of the Vault is smooth yet grippy.

Although I like the case overall, I do have two concerns with its design. In general, the case doesn’t seem snug enough. When the iPhone 7 gets hot, it feels like the case expands, getting a little looser. Second, the cutout area for the mute switch is frightfully thin. It definitely seems like the weak point that’ll break first.

But for now, I’m happy with the look, feel, protection, and value of the Caseology Vault.

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