Asked to Leave… Again

It’s been a few years since I was asked to leave a store, but it finally happened again. Well, to be clear, I wasn’t directly asked to leave the store, but I could not have my drink in the store, so I took it as an indirect request to leave the store. And I did, but this time, this incident was at the Halloween seasonal store at Windward Mall.

Pardon my blocked camera lens

The store moved into the old Children’s Place location near the former Sports Authority and relocated play area, now dubbed the Zen Pen.

Walking through the store, the worker told me no food or drinks were allowed and offered to hold my Starbucks. I wasn’t about to give up my $5+ SBUX crack, so I walked out the door where I only then saw their fair warning sign.

I’ll give them that much. They did warn their customers though I’m not quite sure of the reasoning. I should have stuck around to see what happened to the family with young kids (everyone holding some kind of drink) that entered as I left the store. 

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