I Suffer from Tsundoku

I kinda suspected there was a term for my condition, and I now know its name. I suffer from tsundoku which is defined thusly:

The acquiring of reading materials followed by letting them pile up and subsequently never reading them.

Yes, I have a collection of books that maybe, just maybe, I cracked the spine on. Otherwise, they are in pristine condition (just a little dusty). I intended to read and learn from these books, but history has taught me otherwise, and now I acknowledge that I won’t read them.

I have gotten better over the years with the stagnant books acting as a reminder of this wasteful habit. Okay, okay, I did have a relapse buying (and not reading) that Sports Illustrated issue on Kobe Bryant’s career.

So while I suffer from tsundoku, I acknowledge it and vow to stay away from Amazon Prime Reading.


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