Amazon Echo Wall Clock, I Want One

So Amazon announced a bevy of upcoming products featuring Alexa. While many of these make a compelling case for any household, I won’t lie by saying that I really want the Echo Wall Clock. Yup, it is what it sounds like. It’s an old school analog wall clock with the big hand and little hand to tell time. But is it really an analog device or just a digitial display made to look analog?

I know there’s a ring of LED lights around the clock face that indicates timers set by Alexa and that alone makes this $30 device useful. We’ve been looking for a wall clock for some time and haven’t found anything that we liked – too expensive, too small, too big, too gaudy, too plain.

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock is utilitarian in appearance, but it’s not ugly. And if it really just runs on batteries would make this a guarantee purchase. Unfortunately, it’s not available to buy or pre-order just yet.

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