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Drobo 5N On Sale Today

For today (April 8, 2013), Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day is the Drobo 5N storage device, discounted over $100. While this ain’t the new 5D model, the 5N is a solid choice. It’s network ready and offers the data protection you expect from Drobo.

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Weekly Drobo Giveaway

Drobo is giving away either a new Mini or 5D storage units each week for the end of the year. To win, all you have to do is submit a weekly entry. To top it off to end 2012 and welcome the new year, Drobo is giving away $2013. Wow. Enter now.

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Drobo Mini - Front

New Drobos Designed For Speed

I am a pleased Drobo customer since 2009. I have a basic, straightforward setup that has worked flawlessly for years. But… I do admit that despite its endurance, I wish my Drobo would be faster. So what’s Drobo to do? Redesign their products emphasizing speed and performance and release the new Drobo 5D and unexpected […]

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Useful Links

Just listing some useful links that I’ve referenced. iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder. When you want to move your iTunes files to another hard drive. Time Machine backup error: Too big for backup volume. When Time Machine acts up and refuses to backup your files. Drobo and Lion Mac OS X 10.7 […]

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I’m Drobo-cizing

It ain’t no lie that I’m a believer in Drobo and its data redundancy. You just can’t trust all those years of data, pictures, and movies to a single drive that is waiting to fail. If you’ve been waiting for a data storage solution that’s expandable and redundant, look no further than Drobo. And yes, […]

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My Drobo Has EARS

Must be my weak mind or penchant for deals, but I couldn’t resist getting a Western Digital drive that was a featured Amazon deal. What I didn’t know at the time was this drive is a new “4K” EARS drive. But no matter! With the newest Drobo firmware and software, 4K drives are supported and […]

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Me and My Drobo

Since a few have been asking about my recent Drobo purchase, here’s some info.  I bought the “basic” Drobo unit without the DroboShare hardware.  And no, the Drobo, even with the DroboShare, does not support the wicked fast iSCSI transfers.  Only the DroboPro unit can handle iSCSI. Doing some quick price checks, I placed my […]

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Drobo Box Cover

Opening a Drobo…

You see this. Their quick start guide is simple and straightforward. Installation was easy, and I haven’t yet cracked open the instruction manual. Seems like Drobo took a few packaging design cues from Apple. 😉

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