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Masters of the Universe Tees Coming from Threadless

It’s time to restock your t-shirt collection with Masters of the Universe designs from Threadless. Their design contest is underway, and you could win $2000 with the winning artwork. But really, the cash prize pales in comparison of seeing your shirt worn in public. Not a designer? You can still participate by voting for your […]

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My Second Starbucks for Life Win

Yay! My second win from the Starbucks for Life contest is a free tall coffee. Seemingly, I’m behind the winning curve with others getting a variety of small goodies. With purchases and daily free codes, this is my second win in over 15 attempts.

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Starbucks for Life, How About You?

What would you do if you won Starbucks for Life? The first two winners have been announced. I think I’d have a nervous breakdown – from the shock of winning and eventually from digesting all that caffeine. Or I could gain weight from daily caramel macchiatos. Don’t forget to enter today!

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Win Starbucks for Life Impossible Audio CAPTCHA

Wait, what was that again? So if you’ve been entering the Win Starbucks for Life contest, you’ve experienced the CAPTCHAs getting harder and harder. In the first few days, the image-based CAPTCHAs used to verify your contest entry were of one group of numbers like an address on a house. Today, the CAPTCHAs evolved to […]

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Starbucks for Life. I Won…

…a Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop. Nope, not the free Starbucks for Life grand prize. Seems like every Starbucks Rewards member got a free code, but I didn’t win. My win came from an iced coffee purchase and entering in the long code on the bottom of the receipt. Playing this contest is kinda weird. First […]

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Dwellable’s Anti-Selfie Contest

Dwellable is giving away a pair of Google Glass for its summer contest featuring the anti-selfie. Instead of taking and sharing a picture of yourself, Dwellable wants you to #GetYourGlassOutside and share your experiences. Read the Dwellable blog post for more details and how to win. I guess you can enter more than once, but […]

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Yay! I Won!

I’m still ecstatic that I actually won Dwellable’s contest of providing the most interesting review of their updated mobile app. While winning an iPad Mini is uber cool, the real winning story is Dwellable itself. It’s okay to be honest and say you’ve never heard of Dwellable before. Dwellable is a recent startup focusing on […]

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Dwellable’s Road to the Final Four

Did you know Dwellable’s new mobile app can help you on your road to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four? No, the Dwellable app can’t divine the winners for your March Madness bracket, but it can help you find lodging at the 13 different sites where games are played. Simply put, Dwellable is “the world’s […]

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Thanks Scion Hawaii!

So I didn’t win one week with the Scion FR-S but let bygones be bygones and let’s all move on. And moving on is even easier after winning a goody bag from Scion Hawaii’s Twelve Days of Christmas social media giveaway. Each day, Scion Hawaii has been posing a question to its Facebook fans and one […]

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