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Favorite Search Terms from Today

Looking at Pulpconnection stats for today (Wednesday, June 24, 2015), here are my favorite search terms: portague jokes howie haiwaiian mainlander While I don’t define portague jokes, the post, 21 Slang Words You Should Know Before Visiting Hawaii, discusses haole aka howie haiwaiian mainlander.

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Reviewing Pulpconnection’s Search Terms

Did a quick review of popular search terms on Pulpconnection and came across this puzzling one, “dancing with the stars wardrobe malfunction.” For Season 13, this has to be Nancy Grace’s accident during Week 2. Here’s the aired, edited video of Nancy’s Quick Step that did and “didn’t maintain hold.”

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2010 Was Justin Bieber's Year

2010 Was Justin Bieber’s Year

It’s official. Year 2010 belonged to Justin Bieber. He’s the only commonality of top search engine results. Fans searched Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, and also Google for the latest on the Biebs. On Google’s Zeitgeist 2010 for the fastest rising queries? chatroulette ipad justin bieber nicki minaj friv myxer katy perry twitter gamezer facebook Here’s Google’s […]

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Twitter’s Year in Review

New to the annual highlights of searches is Twitter with their Year in Review. Even though Twitter isn’t a search-focused service, searching is a powerful addition to the near real-time world of tweets. Overall Top Trends Gulf Oil Spill FIFA World Cup Inception Haiti Earthquake Vuvuzela Apple iPad Google Android Justin Bieber Harry Potter & […]

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Yahoo! 2010 Year in Review

Yahoo’s Year in Review

It only gets better. Bing published its top searches for the year, and now Yahoo has a whole section for its Year in Review. Besides its basic top ten in search terms, Yahoo grouped its searches into various categories providing even more insight. Here are Yahoo’s Top 10 Searches: BP Oil Spill World Cup Miley […]

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Annual Most Popular Searches Coming Up

It’s getting to that time of the year when search companies release their annual stats for their most popular searches. is up first with their list that looks like this: Kim Kardashian Sandra Bullock Tiger Woods Lady Gaga Barack Obama Hairstyles Kate Gosselin Walmart Justin Bieber free No real big surprises although Kim Kardashian […]

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