International Market Place Striving for Perfection

Hold up. Let’s reconsider the essence of perfection. It’s not one static state but rather a continued journey upon which the International Market Place is on. You remember my almost perfect night at the Market Place, only marred by an exorbitant parking fee? Well, that has since been rectified and soon enough fixed for the better.

After that night, the missus wrote an email to the management of the International Marketplace with similar sentiments of my blogged version. Within 24 hours, there was a response from the General Manager himself. His response was refreshingly truthful and sincere. Yes, he apologized for our situation and shared that he had received similar complaints during their short time open. It seems their parking rates mimic the pricing structure of neighboring establishments, but this model doesn’t really fit the shopping and dining experience offered by the International Market Place. Recognizing this discrepancy, a new parking fee is being rolled out this week.

More so, the GM offered to reimburse us the difference between the current and upcoming parking rates which would equate to $6. Even better, he’s providing us with complimentary valet services (until the end of 2016). Of course, none of this is absolutely necessary to respond to a complaint. But the fact that the staff and management of the International Market Place did respond quickly and courteously to satiate a complaint says a lot. While the International Market Place may not yet have achieved perfection, they are striving for perfection.

Well done.