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International Market Place Striving for Perfection

Hold up. Let’s reconsider the essence of perfection. It’s not one static state but rather a continued journey upon which the International Market Place is on. You remember my almost perfect night at the Market Place, only marred by an exorbitant parking fee? Well, that has since been rectified and soon enough fixed for the […]

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Ala Moana Parking Stall Counter

Recently, I noticed that Ala Moana now indicates how many open parking stalls are in the various parking areas. As you go up the Keeaumoku entrance ramp, you’ll see the big board counting all the open spaces (sorry, I don’t have a pic). I had seen this on the mainland but never in Hawaii. I wondered […]

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Where in Ala Moana?

The Changing Face of Ala Moana

Ugh, I can’t say this is a positive change for Ala Moana, but I guess it is necessary. With all the construction and expansion of the shopping center and nearby buildings, safety for the shoppers is paramount, and all of this helps protect you and me. But where is this in Ala Moana? Can you […]

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Not a Brug entrance

Confusing Parking and Driving Lanes at Ala Moana

I won’t get into the details of the confusing parking situation and driving lanes at Ala Moana. Just be ready and go with the flow. But check it out, this confusion even extends inside the mall stores. If you wanted to enter (or exit for that matter) the Brug bakery in Shirokiya, make sure you […]

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Less parking at Ala Moana

Even Less Parking at Ala Moana

Wow, there’s even less parking at Ala Moana now with a block of stalls unavailable near Macy’s and Shirokiya. The whole former Sears parking side is a complete mess with all the renovations, but the other end of the mall is getting in the act. Not sure why or for how long this parking stall […]

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