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My MacBook Pro Saga Ends

Four months later, the saga comes to an end with the receipt of this final shipment. The saga started in January when I received my MacBook Pro charger and charging cable. A few days later, another USB-C dongle showed up. Now in April, my USB-C dongle life is full with the ThunderBolt and Ethernet adapters.

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My New MacBook Pro

At work, I was fortunate enough to order the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and accessories in November. After a prolonged ordering process, my (third party) order finally went through. After not hearing any more after a few days, I contacted the company that replied with a tracking number. Albeit a slow delivery of […]

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Which Mac, Which Mac, Which Mac to Get?

I’m in the market of getting a new Mac or two – one for home and one for work. At home, I have a 24-in iMac from 2007. At work, I use a unibody, late-2008 MacBook Pro. While both machines are functional, they are slowing down (comparatively) and over time, have had technical issues. After […]

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What I Learned About My MacBook Pro

So I have an older MacBook Pro, and only recently learned a thing or two about this trusty workhorse. This MBP is the first unibody design, designated “Late 2008.” First the good news. When it shipped, this model supported 4GB of RAM. Then it was discovered that the machine was still stable with 6GB of […]

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