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iTunes Match vs Apple Music

I’ve been a subscriber to iTunes Match since its inception. All my music in the iCloud available to all my connected devices. Not a bad proposition for $25 a year. But now there’s Apple Music which has similar features as iTunes Match but is different. Apple has had to explain the differences between iTunes Match […]

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Boom Indeed, UE Mini Boom

Wow. The Logitech UE Mini Boom surely lives up to its name. It is minuscule at 4.4 x 2.6 x 2.4 inches and is lightweight at 0.7 lbs. But the sounds is booming. You won’t believe your ears when you hear the Mini Boom in action. No wonder it’s The Wirecutter’s choice for the best […]

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Us the Duo Sings the Hits of 2014

Here’s a cool mashup of the pop hits of 2014 done by Us the Duo in less than three minutes. Though I don’t know much about the duo of Michael Alvarado and Carissa Alvarado, I’m thinking Carissa could be the voice of Moana in Disney’s next feature film.

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Are You Ready for Arashi?

I am now that I know what or actually who Arashi is and what impact this boy band from Japan will have on Hawaii this upcoming weekend. 15,000 visitors are headed to the Arashi “Blast in Hawaii” concerts in Ko’olina on Friday and Saturday. Supposedly the Ihilani and Aulani are both completely booked so don’t […]

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The Soundtrack from Oblivion

After watching the movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise, I’m haunted by the movie’s soundtrack. The electronica coupled with the visuals of the film and the loneliness of the human race make a great combo. Here’s a sample: Widgets Wonder if the soundtrack would sound awesome-r with Beats?

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LeBron and his Beats

Apple Going After Black America?

Here’s an interesting angle of why Apple is interested in Dr. Dre’s Beats line. Apple wants an “in” with Black America. Seemingly over two thirds of African Americans own Android smartphones rather than iPhones, but Beats doesn’t follow this ratio. You remember the outspoken Richard Sherman Beats commercial during this past SuperBowl? Or how about […]

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