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AT&T Chat to the Rescue!

In these COVID times when left is right, down is up, now is later, and face-to-face means online, who knew text chatting with a total stranger on a computer would provide better results than talking to real people in real life? That’s what happened with AT&T support chat who managed to make things right with […]

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AT&T Lies Part 1

“The promotion is no longer available.” It’s right there on your website. A view of the promo Another view of the promo Found another listing for the promotion Here are some screenshots of the terms. Maybe Hawaii is a “select location” where this promotion does NOT apply (any more).

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AT&T Assistance During Hurricane Lane

Got this text message from AT&T informing customers that the company is not charging overage fees for impacted areas of Hawaii.   According to, AT&T mobile customers have access to unlimited talk, text, and data from August 24-28. This applies to all AT&T wireless customers with billing addresses in the state of Hawaii. Thanks […]

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Unlimited No Longer

And I feel the same. After getting the original AT&T unlimited data plan with my iPhone 3G and carrying it over for years, I finally gave it up, switching to an AT&T mobile data sharing plan. Truthfully, I never approached “unlimited” data in my usage, averaging less than 2 GB per month. So instead of […]

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Haunted by the AT&T Ringtone

Imaging hearing this audio sound again and again but very faintly. Eventually, it’ll drive you crazy. [audio:] That’s what haunted me as my LG G3 Android phone was stuck playing this tune. The screen wasn’t responsive, the phone was getting hot, but I would hear that AT&T ringtone every few minutes indicating some function. Not […]

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*639# to Check Your AT&T Upgrade Staus

Thanks to Doc Rock for this tip. On your AT&T serviced iPhone, you can (voice)call *639# then shortly thereafter, you’ll get a text message letting you know if you can upgrade your phone, namely to a forthcoming iPhone 5. If your current AT&T service plan is almost up, you should see something like this.

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