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AT&T Chat to the Rescue!

In these COVID times when left is right, down is up, now is later, and face-to-face means online, who knew text chatting with a total stranger on a computer would provide better results than talking to real people in real life? That’s what happened with AT&T support chat who managed to make things right with […]

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Target Kailua Now With More Self Service

I guess after a one-year learning session with these self checkout counters at Target Kailua, the time to expand was right. Now the self checkout counters have about doubled with the installation of another row. Amazingly, the traditional checkout counters manned by employees still have long queues. I guess business must be good?

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Delighted with Nespresso

There I was, delighted with the service of Hansgrohe, when I saw something else in the kitchen that didn’t look right. What’s that on the bottom of my water tank of my Nespresso U? That looks like rust! Yuck. Yup, sadly it is rust, and Google reveals others with the same problem. Not even a […]

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Be Humble

Zappos Powered by Service

It’s 2011, and only now have I made my first purchase on Was in the market to replace worn out running shoes and took a look at and Then I went to Zappos and found the same shoe, the Nike Zoom Structure Triax 14 with no tax and free shipping. So I […]

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