AT&T Chat to the Rescue!

In these COVID times when left is right, down is up, now is later, and face-to-face means online, who knew text chatting with a total stranger on a computer would provide better results than talking to real people in real life? That’s what happened with AT&T support chat who managed to make things right with my new iPhone.

Amazingly, this interaction initiated online as well on Twitter after I complained.

In Twitter Direct Messages, I was directed to contact AT&T support via chat. So I did, and that started my road to resolution. The avatar known as Jason listened to my complaints and managed to do what I had been asking various AT&T personnel in-store – trade in an old iPhone 7, change my plan to unlimited, and get this new 5G-ready iPhone 12 Pro connected.

As I learned, in order for this promotion to work, you needed an unlimited data plan already. But I pointed out to Jason that my phone ordered in November only arrived in January so why should I pay for a 5G plan when I did not have a 5G device, the new iPhone? But since I was within the 14-day return period, he said he could essentially start this promotion transaction again, making sure of the right sequence of steps. I also asked Jason about the conflicting answers of discounts, and he explained how the starter unlimited data plans did not qualify for discounts but other plans did qualify.

Thanks to this invisible voice, my questions and concerns about “upgrading” to a new iPhone were being answered and taken care of. Now, I don’t understand why this could not have happened at any of the local AT&T locations I visited. It almost seemed like these locations could only do tasks from a set script or menu. Anything off script was met with (polite) declines.

So my plan has been changed to unlimited with 5G, the iPhone 12 Pro is activated and connected, and I’m waiting for the trade-in box to mail in the iPhone 7. Thanks for chatting, AT&T!