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I Am Drawn to This #4

Oooh, sorry, too late now since these already sold out internationally. But I am drawn to these kendamas customized by Yu Nagaba. Limited to 100 of each but not sure what the price point was.

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SB6141 cable modem

What’s Good at Costco?

What’s good at the Hawaii Kai Costco? Lego Star Wars Microfighters in sets of three. Typically around $10 each, the set of three goes for $24.99. There are two different sets. Motorola Surfboard Extreme cable modem SB6141. The cable modem I bought in 2013, but I remember paying more than $75. Looks like the white […]

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LEGO Space 1976

LEGO is promoting its new VIP giveaway of a classic Spaceman minifigure with a collage showing LEGO space adventures over the years. Check out 1976. That’s the Lunar Lander for which I still have the assembly instructions!

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Tsum Tsum

Crushed by the Tsums

Forget Candy Crush. The next thing is here in the form of Disney’s Tsums. The Tsums or really, the Tsum Tsum, is a popular mobile game in Japan now turned into plush toys now taking over the US. For your own benefit, you need to learn more about the Tsum Tsum game and toys.

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My first two

LEGO Simpsons in Hawaii

A little late reporting this, but the LEGO minifigure set featuring the Simpsons released May 1. I had no doubt the LEGO store in Ala Moana would have the new minifigs, but I was surprised to see this at Walmart. Only one box but still surprising.

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LEGO Movie Minifigs

LEGO Movie Minifigs

A little late to the game on getting some LEGO minifigures based on the upcoming LEGO movie. Fortunately, the Ala Moana LEGO Store opened a fresh box before I made my purely random picks. Out of five pulls, I have Wiley Fusebot, Larry the Barista, and Hard Hat Emmet (not pictured). I have two unopened […]

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