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Bricks & Minifigs in Kailua

LEGO fans have yet another go-to location in Hawaii. Now open on the Aikahi side of Kailua is Bricks & Minifigs. While not affiliated with the official LEGO Store, this chain sells all kinds of new and old LEGO sets. But the more intriging aspect is the chance to sell or trade your unwanted bricks. […]

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LEGO bounty

Recent LEGO Bounty

A recent early morning trip to the LEGO store at Ala Moana yielded this bounty. Actually found the rare Minecraft edition in store so I bought this for a Christmas gift (not for me). Missing from the picture are the street/road base plates. These were actually in stock.

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Tower of Orthanc for LEGO VIPs

A Belated Father’s Day Surprise from LEGO

Well, one day post Father’s Day, but as a LEGO fanatic, do you really care? LEGO VIP members can now purchase the massive Tower of Orthanc from Lord of the Rings. With more than 2300 pieces, it may take the rest of June to finish this set which becomes publicly available starting July. Five minifigures, […]

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Olympic LEGO Minifigures

An Olympic Cache

Check out this cache of LEGO Olympians. These are actual packs that I just received from London, the home of the Summer games of 2012. I wonder what surprises are awaiting inside.

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Last of the LEGO Minifigures Series 10

My hunt for LEGO minifigures series 10 is now done. While I don’t have the entire set, I have the ones wanted. I finally found Medusa and the librarian and also picked up the baseball player and paintball guy. Medusa was really hard to find. I think since she’s easily recognizable, collectors nab her fast. […]

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Why My Thumbs Went Numb

After about a combined 60 minutes of LEGO Minifigure hunting, my thumbs have gone numb. I didn’t (and didn’t expect to) find Mr. Gold but I finally did manage to get most (maybe all) of the ones wanted. I accidentally thought the Captain’s bird’s wings were those of the Bee Girl. But I did manage […]

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Tat of flames

A Successful Lunch Excursion

On a lunch break, I went hunting at Toys R Us for the new LEGO Minifigures Series 10 that debuted in May. The LEGO section showed no signs of Series 10, just the older Series 9. On my way out, I passed some kiosk stands near the check out registers, and a gold glint caught […]

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A LEGO Must Have

This is definitely a LEGO must have! From the Lord of the Rings, LEGO’s reproduced the Tower of Orthanc. What’s that you ask? That’s the dark tower Saruman ruled where he held Gandalf captive on the roof. Yeah, that tower. Check out the magnificence of this tower along with all its details. It’s over two […]

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