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Dozy iOS 11?

Anyone else experience a “very sleepy” iPhone after installing iOS 11? I’ve encountered at least three times that my iPhone 7 doesn’t want to wake up right away. It’s usually after I put my phone to sleep then try to wake it immediately. The screen stays black. I know the iPhone is still on since […]

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Checking Out Apple CarPlay

Like me, you may have heard of Apple’s CarPlay “system” that links your iPhone with your vehicle but never saw CarPlay in action. Today, I got a first hand look at CarPlay via the Alpine iLX-007 in-dash receiver. An aftermarket car stereo replacement, the iLX is CarPlay personified. Connecting your iPhone to the iLX brings up the familiar iOS screen […]

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Threes! Starbucks App of the Week

If you haven’t caught the “mathematical” game craze, here’s your chance. Starbucks is giving away copies of Threes! as their App of the Week. The premise of the game is simple. Maneuver numbered tiles and add up pairs to get bigger and bigger numbers. It’s a great mind challenger, and in my opinion, the gameplay […]

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Tsum Tsum

Crushed by the Tsums

Forget Candy Crush. The next thing is here in the form of Disney’s Tsums. The Tsums or really, the Tsum Tsum, is a popular mobile game in Japan now turned into plush toys now taking over the US. For your own benefit, you need to learn more about the Tsum Tsum game and toys.

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Google Now

Test Driving Google Now

Google Now recently became available on iOS via an updated Google search app, so one morning I took it for a test drive. Nothing fancy, app defaults taken, minimal customization, and a daily commute to work. Here’s what Google Now presented to me. Pretty mundane. Nothing out of the ordinary. Let’s compare the weather. Google […]

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iOS 6 Mail Oddity

So I’ve been having a weird issue or two with my new iPhone 5. Here’s an oddity with the Mail app in iOS 6. Check out the screen shot. How do I compose a new email? That’s correct. The “compose email” button in the bottom right corner is missing! Odd… A quick screen rotation brings […]

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Something and Sounds at Starbucks

Picked up Draw Something and SoundHound from Starbucks today. These are the weekly Pick of the Week freebies, and as an added bonus, the Starbucks treat receipts are back. Buy a drink in the AM and get any grande iced drink for 2-bucks after 2 PM. That’s any drink including a custom creation with extra […]

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