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AT&T Assistance During Hurricane Lane

Got this text message from AT&T informing customers that the company is not charging overage fees for impacted areas of Hawaii.   According to, AT&T mobile customers have access to unlimited talk, text, and data from August 24-28. This applies to all AT&T wireless customers with billing addresses in the state of Hawaii. Thanks […]

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Starbucks Ala Moana Now Tolerable with Mobile Order

Wow, what a profound effect the new Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay has, especially while cruising at Ala Moana. Gone are the days of waiting in the long lines at Starbucks. Right after finding parking, you can mobile order and pay for your drink and pick it up, bypassing those infuriating lines. It’s so simple! […]

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Siri and Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

This combination has to be in the works and watch out when it surfaces. The Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay app works great. You place your order via the mobile app and pick up your drink in a few minutes. The most difficult aspect is actually placing your order on the mobile app while driving. […]

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Unlimited No Longer

And I feel the same. After getting the original AT&T unlimited data plan with my iPhone 3G and carrying it over for years, I finally gave it up, switching to an AT&T mobile data sharing plan. Truthfully, I never approached “unlimited” data in my usage, averaging less than 2 GB per month. So instead of […]

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Confused About 4G?

Are you confused about the new 4G standard for wireless data? I am. What is it and what carriers have 4G networks? Technically, no one has 4G, but everyone touts 4G. Want to understand more? Read this great wireless primer from Engadget called “2G, 3G, 4G, and everything in between.”

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Introducing AmazonWireless

Want a hassle-free way of shopping for mobile phones and service plans? Amazon just launched its AmazonWireless site where you can shop for phones from AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon. All phone orders comes with free two day shipping. You can also upgrade your existing cell phone or start a new service contract. So if […]

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My Cell Phone Sucks!

I’ve had my Motorola MPx200 for about a year, and it sucks! The thing runs the Windows Smartphone OS which is mistake #1. It takes forever to power on and be ready to use. When navigating menus, there’s a delay. Reception’s been bad even with the switch from AT&T to Cingular. And it doesn’t sync […]

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