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Caveat When Exchanging an iPhone 6

If you’re considering exchanging a pre-ordered iPhone 6 for a different model, just know that your mobile carrier upgrade qualifications may be delayed during the exchange. To get the subsidized price of the iPhone 6, you need to re-up your two-year contract with your carrier. But during a return/exchange of a pre-ordered iPhone 6, technically […]

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LG G3 Unboxing

Definitely not the same vibe as the unboxing of an Apple device, but the LG G3 was efficiently packed in a fitted box. A few things though. After opening the box, you pick up the phone and marvel at its lightness. Only after fully emptying the contents of the box do you realize the (heavy […]

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Succumbed to the iPhone 6 Hype

That was a crazy launch of Apple’s latest iPhone 6. Pre-orders opened on September 12, 2014 at 12:01 am, meaning 9:01 pm HST. But, you couldn’t actually connect to the Apple Store until much later. Heck, I think is still down, nearly two hours later. But the Apple Store apps fared better (maybe by […]

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Taking Screen Shots in Android

One of my first lessons of living the Android Life was figuring out how to take a screen shot. Sounds easy enough, but this became my first exposure to the differences between Apple and Android phone makers. For all iOS devices, holding down the physical power and home buttons trigger a screen shot. For Android, […]

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Apple Security Emails

From the celebgate disclosures, Apple tightened up its security measures and now emails you when anything changes with your account. I logged into iCloud to check something, and I received an email notifying me about this login. For iTunes, I had to update my expired credit card information, and there was an email notifying me […]

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Converted to DreamPress

There, it’s done. Pulpconnection is back, and this time it’s running on Dreamhost’s managed WordPress service called DreamPress. Over the years, I went from a shared server to a virtual private server (VPS) that gave me more control but meant that I had to exert more control. That’s good and bad. There were times when […]

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Time to Change Up the iPod

It’s about time to change up the venerable iPod. Sure, it transformed Apple and led the company into new business lines, but the device itself is becoming an anachronism right before our very eyes. The basics of the iPod has pretty much been subsumed by other Apple iDevices. As a music player, the iPod still […]

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A Pulpy LG G3

Trying the Android Life

So with the opportunity to test out an Android-based smart phone, I went for it and am now the user of an LG G3. The G3 got a solid review from The Verge praising it for being an Android device without too many manufacturer extras getting in the way. Then there’s the big 5.5 inch […]

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Juicies+ connector is bigger

These Are Juicies+

About two weeks ago, my Kickstarter-backed Juicies+ cable arrived after a few delays in production. I went with the gold to change up the collection of white and black cables, and yes, the gold is nice, not gaudy. Some things to note about Juicies+. It’s bigger than the Apple Lightning cable. The Juicies+ is longer, […]

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Tivo Roamio Upgraded

With my Tivo HD unit (circa 2008) showing the “black screen of death” more and more often, it was time to act and get a new Roamio. While the name is a little peculiar, this device is no joke. The strength of the Roamio is the remote viewing of recorded content included on the Plus […]

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