Students, Get a Mac

BusinessWeek technology columnist, Stephen Wildstrom, advises students to Pack a Mac this upcoming school year.

Unless you have a compelling reason not to go with a Mac, an Apple laptop or desktop offers the best combination of features, ease of use, and value.

Don’t forget, to sweeten the deal, Apple has its Back to School special going on where you get a free iPod Nano and free printer. Nike has its iPod Sports Kit coming out very soon for your workouts, and if you want a truly versatile computing platform able to run multiple operating systems, look into the Parallels Desktop virtualization software.

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One Response to Students, Get a Mac

  1. Angry Asian Girl June 19, 2006 at 2:03 pm #

    The only thing bad about not being a student anymore is not being able to qualify for this special. =S Only good for the education community huh?

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