Live Blogging Diet Mtn Dew Supernova

Picked up the “new” Diet Mtn Dew Supernova flavor, and here’s my live first tasting.

0 minutes: Described as “strawberry melon.” The dang cap won’t come off. Fail! Drink expiration date of June 2011. Finally got the grey cap off. Drink feels thin, like other diet Dews.

+1 minute: The strawberry taste is there, not so sure about the watermelon. Hmmm, maybe the aftertaste washes in with a hint of watermelon.

+3 minutes: Purplish, pinkish color, not too carbonated, not overly sweet. The aftertaste “feel” as with other diet sodas is definitely there.

+6 minutes: Caffeine content: 36mg/8 fl. oz. so 90mg for this 20 oz bottle. First burp.

+8 minutes: With each sip, the aftertaste flavor becomes more predominant. Think my tastebuds have gone supernova and can no longer taste the strawberry melon.

+10 minutes: Going to nurse the rest of this drink. Like any other phenomenon of nature, experiencing a supernova once is good enough.

+35 minutes: Still drinking the Supernova. Drinking sips of water, that strawberry melon taste lingers.

And yes, the Supernova flavor is not new to the Dew family. I called the non-diet Supernova a pleasant sunset back in 2008.

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