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Mtn Dew Typhoon Fail

What a fail. Mtn Dew re-released its Typhoon flavor online, but it doesn’t ship to Hawaii. I checked the site earlier in the week and verified that the cans would indeed ship. But on release day, this was reversed with no shipping to the 808 afterall. Oh well…

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Mountain Dew Major Melon Tastes Like a Slurpee

That was my impression of my first taste of the new Mtn Dew Major Melon, charged with Watermelon. Reminded me of a 7-Eleven slurpee – no specific flavor but the general taste/sweetness and the “bite.” Overall, this drink is good, so good that half of the 20 oz bottle is now gone while writing these […]

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Free Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Not sure how long this lasts, but from your Twitter account, follow these directions. GAME FUEL is here to help you #StayInTheGame while staying at home. Tweet #GAMEFUELCarePackage + #Sweepstakes for your chance to get FREE GAME FUEL delivered to your door. Get yours while supplies last! US residents, 18+. Rules @ — […]

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Now That's a Big Dew

Now That’s a Big Dew

That was my thought when I saw this new can for Mountain Dew (or Mtn Dew). Sizing in at 24 fl oz, the can doesn’t look twice as large as two regular cans. But that’s what you’re getting – twice the Dew for about $2. Available in stores now!

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Live Blogging Diet Mtn Dew Supernova

Picked up the “new” Diet Mtn Dew Supernova flavor, and here’s my live first tasting. 0 minutes: Described as “strawberry melon.” The dang cap won’t come off. Fail! Drink expiration date of June 2011. Finally got the grey cap off. Drink feels thin, like other diet Dews. +1 minute: The strawberry taste is there, not […]

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Tasting the White Out

After doing the Distortion, I sampled the smooth citrus of Mountain Dew White Out. White Out looks like a cloud and has a familiar taste… I know, it’s like the lemon lime of Sprite!  Yup, White Out reminds me of Sprite and is much smoother to drink than the tart Distortion.  Oddly enough, the sweet-tasting […]

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Dew-ing the Distortion

Mountain Dew is at it once again, testing new flavors. Have you seen them? There’s the Typhoon, Distortion, and White Out. The first Dew I sampled is the radioactive green Distortion. This drink is green, a cosmic glowing green, and is described as “Lime Blasted.” I have to agree with that. The Distortion is limey […]

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Comparing the Dew

Throwing Back a Throwback Throwback

I’m throwing back Mountain Dew’s new old Throwback made with real sugar.  This is probably the same recipe for the original Mountain Dew Throwback, but this Throwback has a throwback can design. The flavor of this Throwback is the same as the previous Throwback, smooth and flat, but when opening the can, it actually fizzled […]

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Mountain Dew Game Fuel

New Soda in Stores

Now in stores, new soda from Mountain Dew and Aloha Maid?! Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel Horde Red and Alliance Blue are now in Hawaii. Here’s a review of Horde Red from I didn’t know popular juice maker, Aloha Maid, produces soda as well. Iced tea and guava soda? Umm, I’ll pass.

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