Kickstart Your Morning with Mountain Dew



You know there is nothing wrong with drinking a Mountain Dew in the morning. It’s just soda’s equivalent to morning coffee you know. Not buying that? Well then, Kickstart is for you. Kickstart is a new fruit-flavored Mountain Dew aimed for the AM.

Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch Kickstart kicks off this new line starting on February 25, 2013. Each 16-ounce can serves up 92 milligrams of caffeine compared to 330 mg in a Starbucks grande coffee, and it’s only 80 calories to boot. But it’s the 5% fruit juice content that of course makes Kickstart healthier.

Mountain Dew was giving away free samples but that special was over in no time. I wonder if this idea spawned from the Mountain Dew A.M.?

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