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Mtn Dew Typhoon Fail

What a fail. Mtn Dew re-released its Typhoon flavor online, but it doesn’t ship to Hawaii. I checked the site earlier in the week and verified that the cans would indeed ship. But on release day, this was reversed with no shipping to the 808 afterall. Oh well…

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Mind, Stomach, and Butt Blown

All I have to say is Mtn Dew Flamin’ Hot and now you understand the title of this post. Can you imagine the sweeteness of Dew combined with the heat of Flamin’ Hot? I can’t and that’s why I need to try this new drink for myself. Image source Really, this drink combination sounds like […]

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Mountain Dew Major Melon Tastes Like a Slurpee

That was my impression of my first taste of the new Mtn Dew Major Melon, charged with Watermelon. Reminded me of a 7-Eleven slurpee – no specific flavor but the general taste/sweetness and the “bite.” Overall, this drink is good, so good that half of the 20 oz bottle is now gone while writing these […]

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Dew Crazy

On my last day in Japan, I saw a vending machine that sold Mountain Dew. This was the first appearance of Dew that I came across after two weeks traveling the cities of Nippon. This was surely a sign of what was to come. Back in Hawaii while stopping by a Walmart, I went a […]

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Kickstart Your Morning with Mountain Dew

You know there is nothing wrong with drinking a Mountain Dew in the morning. It’s just soda’s equivalent to morning coffee you know. Not buying that? Well then, Kickstart is for you. Kickstart is a new fruit-flavored Mountain Dew aimed for the AM. Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch Kickstart kicks off this new line starting […]

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24×24 Means Lots of Dew

If you need more Mountain Dew in your blood stream, Costco sells 24-oz size bottles in a 24 pack. That’s a whopping 576 oz of caffeinated Mtn Dew for you! Great for a hot day at the beach. Look for them in the paper goods section?!

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Mountain Dew in the Morning?

Sure why not? If coffee addicts can drink the brown elixir any time of the day, why can’t Dew fans enjoy the same privilege? Taco Bell is making Mountain Dew in the morning easy for you. Stop by for their FirstMeal A.M. Crunchwrap and pair this breakfast alternative with Mountain Dew A.M. Mountain Dew and […]

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Now That's a Big Dew

Now That’s a Big Dew

That was my thought when I saw this new can for Mountain Dew (or Mtn Dew). Sizing in at 24 fl oz, the can doesn’t look twice as large as two regular cans. But that’s what you’re getting – twice the Dew for about $2. Available in stores now!

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