Walmart Does Not Online Price Match

Boo, I learned first hand that Walmart (at least in Hawaii) does not price match their own prices advertised online. I discovered that LEGO had discounted select sets on Amazon and at Target, and I confirmed the lower prices on the respective company sites. I also checked for the reduced prices, and the recent discounts were reflected. I also checked in-store stock, and the sets I was interested in were available (the A-Wing and the AT RT walker) so I figured I’d stop by and pick these up, saving on shipping and time.

When I got to a nearby Walmart location, I didn’t see the price reductions so I asked. Both the cashier and customer service representative confirmed that they do not price match their own online prices. Even though I was in store with the products in hand and money ready to spend, they would not give me the sale price. So I left empty handed.

The shipping is supposedly 97-cents for the items I requested but didn’t verify shipping costs to Hawaii. But still, that’s lame and a waste of time. I was right there ready to give the store money, and they refused.

I recall Target had price matched previous purchases. Unfortunately, the location is out of stock of the A-Wing, so Amazon got my business.

I just came across this useful article talking about companies that price match and those that don’t (and yes, Walmart is in the latter category). I didn’t think of trying the in-store pickup option, but it seems like this isn’t active in Hawaii.



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