Because Pulpconnection

The power and influence of the Internet is grand. Learning is a Google away, entertainment anywhere is possible with a smartphone, and even the English language continues to evolve (despite Urban Dictionary). And now there’s “because.”

The word “because,” in standard English usage, is a subordinating conjunction, which means that it connects two parts of a sentence in which one (the subordinate) explains the other. In that capacity, “because” has two distinct forms. It can be followed either by a finite clause (I’m reading this because [I saw it on the web]) or by a prepositional phrase (I’m reading this because [of the web]). These two forms are, traditionally, the only ones to which “because” lends itself.

So next time, when you chuckle, learn something interesting, or find out happenings in Hawaii, you can think “because Pulpconnection.”



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