NYDC Day 9: Dim Sum, Art, Cheesecake, Shooting Stars

Can you guess where Day 9 of NYDC16 started?


Yep, it’s Chinatown for dim sum at Jing Fong (no matter where, local Chinatowns have a distinctive scent #justsaying).Word to the wise, don’t try to take the stairs up to the restaurant. You’ll either end up in the kitchen and yelled at, or you’ll come in from the back entrance getting funny looks.


If you want international variety, Little Italy is one neighborhood over with cannoli.


Nearby that is one of the few NikeLab locations. But be sure to check their hours. Otherwise sadness.

After a morning of eating, it was time for artistic culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This place is a maze and amazing. For a short while for me anyways. I couldn’t handle all the art of the world. 😉

Now that it’s 4:30pm, you haven’t eaten anything since dim sum, and you’re hungry, what do you do? You go to Juniors at Times Square for dinner and cheesecake (and complimentary pickles).

To cap the day is a trip back to Trader Joe’s on a Sunday night. I guess patrons love the 80’s music playing since the place was packed. Found some snacks to bring back to the 808 including these explosive cookies.

I ain’t lying about these cookies being explosive.

I ain’t exaggerating about being crowded either. The line to check out must have been 50 deep even with the 30+ registers going.

Good night Empire State!


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