NYDC16 Day 10: 9/11, Brooklyn Bridge, and Sushi

Day 10 had a somber start at the 9/11 Memorial.The magnitude of the Twin Towers memorial site is moving in itself, but the museum is another experience. It truly is difficult to make your way through the museum’s exhibits. If you lived through 9/11, the range of emotions returns and resurfaces. When you hear the stories and see the collection of footage and wreckage items, it all gets too much. Plan to spend several hours at the museum…if you can handle it.

Regrouping from the morning, it was something more light hearted – walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.


But first, pizza! Brooklyn’s Grimaldi’s is legendary, but nextdoor Juliana’s was our pick. Shorter line, fast service, and great pizza.

Just don’t come in the late afternoon when they close to stoke their coal oven.


Up the street is the stairway entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge and off we go.


Repping the VH07V in New York.


Be sure to be cognizant of the pedestrian and biking lanes and stay out of the bicycle lane.


If you want a bike, there are many to rent.


Instead of love locks, earbuds are the thing. Not sure why. No, I didn’t trade up.


After walking the bridge, a quick spin around Union Square and Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Missed out going to the Starbucks next to Foot Locker or is that Foot Locker next to Starbucks?

For dinner, sushi and Japanese food in New York is different than Hawaii. Teriyaki chicken? The sauce is provided separately in a container for dipping. Comes with asparagus and eggplant. Don’t think I’ll find this on the Zippy’s menu. Sorry, I have no pics. Was too bewildered that I forgot about the pictures.

Anyways, the day’s end with the illuminated Empire State Building.



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