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Checking Out the Forecast

Thanks to Kickstarter fiend, Eri, I have a new weather “app” to check out. It’s called Forecast, but it’s not your traditional mobile app. You won’t find this free version in the Apple App Store, instead you head to on your mobile device (or any platform) and follow the instructions. Although not a native […]

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A Short Pebble Review

I’ll get right to it. The Pebble watch is good but not yet great. Oh, there’s potential, but it’s not yet materialized. When I learned of the Pebble project on Kickstarter, I backed it without hesitation. The promise of a “smartwatch” working in conjunction with a smartphone aka iPhone was, well, simply smart. What’s Great […]

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Backed Simple Bracket

You ever participate in those March Madness brackets with the weighted scoring system where whoever picks the final winning team typically wins the bracket? Yeah, it’s pretty standard, and it’s kind of a bummer scoring system. A biostatistician, Ted Gooley, developed a more equitable way of assigning points based on many variables. I won’t explain […]

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Back That Linsanity Up

The legend of Linsanity is definitely not forgotten, but its early origin is only now being told. Linsanity: the Movie previewed at Sundance to a limited audience but through Kickstarter, the goal is to finish and distribute this documentary of kismet. Although this project has reached its goal, you can still back the project to […]

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Got My Manoa Chocolate

Back in October, I supported the Hawaii small business Manoa Chocolate on Kickstarter, and today was time to collect! I stopped by the store to pick up my bean-to-bar chocolate. Unfortunately, they weren’t fully stocked with their entire product line due to the demand of the Holidays. But fortunately, they did have three of their best available […]

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Juicies lime green USB extension

Got My Juicies

It’s been a long journey for the Kickstarter-powered Juicies project. Started in 2011, Juicies goal was to bring colorful cables made out of recycled materials to the iPhone market. The colors were delicious, the price was right, and hey, Laurens from Hawaii was behind it all so why not back this project? Then there was […]

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Kickstarting the Pebble

Kickstarter has yet another great project that you can back – the Pebble. This watch connects wirelessly with your smartphone (aka iPhone) and acts like a small gateway to your phone. Watch the video below and you’ll know what I mean.

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Kickstarting nemu*nemu

I just contributed to the next volume of locally created comic, nemu*nemu. Watch the video for details or go here. How about you? Show your support for local business, artistry, and talent!

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