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Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Mickey Mouse Swatch

Yet another nostaligic collaboration literally in time for the holidays. Watch maker, Swatch and Damien Hirst have come up with two great designs featuring an artistic rendition of Mickey. Priced at $125 (Mirror Spot) and $185 (Spot Mickey), these watches look cool and are limited to celebrate 90 years of The Mouse. Oddly, you can […]

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My Pebble Rocks On

Yes, my Pebble watch rocks on still. After a display on the fritz and a broken band, I though the transition to the AppleWatch was inevitable. But not so fast. An inquiry to Pebble’s customer service led me to a replacement unit at no cost. No cost! Even after originally backing the project on Kickstarter […]

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AppleWatch Works for Lefties

When Apple made the AppleWatch available to public viewing on April 10, 2015, I was at the Ala Moana Apple Store learning more along with fellow tech geeks, Ryan and Burt. Besides the questions about specs, performance, and apps, Burt asked a simple question that stumped the Apple Store staff. Does the AppleWatch work for […]

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Fifteen Minutes with the Apple Watch Is Not Enough

No, I didn’t pre-order an Apple Watch, wanting to see it in person first. So I scheduled a fifteen minute appointment to try on Apple’s newest wearable at the Ala Moana Apple Store, but those fifteen minutes are woefully short. Other than making an appointment, there’s no way of actually putting an Apple Watch on […]

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Apple’s “One More Thing”

Uttered the first time since the death of Steve Jobs, the one more thing was the expected wearable, the Apple Watch. Hmmm, the typeface used on Pulpconnection isn’t displaying the Apple logo when typing Option-Shift-K. This should be the logo ?.

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Game of Thrones Chronograph

Game of Thrones fans can commemorate their fandom by purchasing (or trying to purchase anyway) these chronographs specially designed after the show. Yes, this is a wristwatch but at the cost of over $10,000, I’ll call them the sophisticated sounding chronographs. Pictured is one for fans of the Night’s Watch. Only 25 of these have […]

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A Short Pebble Review

I’ll get right to it. The Pebble watch is good but not yet great. Oh, there’s potential, but it’s not yet materialized. When I learned of the Pebble project on Kickstarter, I backed it without hesitation. The promise of a “smartwatch” working in conjunction with a smartphone aka iPhone was, well, simply smart. What’s Great […]

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Kickstarting the Pebble

Kickstarter has yet another great project that you can back – the Pebble. This watch connects wirelessly with your smartphone (aka iPhone) and acts like a small gateway to your phone. Watch the video below and you’ll know what I mean.

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