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Trying Out Orbi’s Mesh Network

Walking the lanes of Costco, I noticed a new pack of Netgear’s Orbi wireless networking devices. Instead of the three-unit pack I had seen previously, Costco carries a two pack (one base and one satellite), and the cost is good, right under $200. While a single Wifi router has been working in my household, speeds […]

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Google Starbucks WiFi, Since When?

I’ve loved the speed of the free Google Starbucks Wi-Fi service available at most Starbucks locations, but this “feature” looks new. Since when did the Google Starbucks Wi-Fi service start this authentication system? I’m used to selecting the Wi-Fi network then surfing the Internet. I’m not really sure how this works as well. At a […]

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Unplanned Wifi Bridge Comparison

Well, I surely hadn’t planned this and really, didn’t want this. But I spent a few days doing an unplanned comparison of wifi bridges. Now, these devices are reaching legacy status since many devices now have wireless networking built-in. But for those devices that only have wired Ethernet, they need a bridge to change from […]

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Configure an Old Apple AirPort Express

Still got a working Apple AirPort Express and want to configure it using a newer macOS such as 10.12 aka Sierra? Follow these helpful instructions. The biggest gotcha is joining the correct wifi network name. For me, my reset AirPort Express was advertising a network of “Apple Network”. But if you follow steps 6 and […]

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Apple Airport Express 802.11g Rides Again

I’ve had the older 802.11g Apple Airport Express sitting in a box unused for a few years. Ever since Apple updated its Airport Utility management software to ignore this older model, it essentially became unusable. Until now… Well, I guess this solution has been out there for some time, but I only stumbled upon it yesterday. […]

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Google Wifi SpeedTest

Two-thirds of Starbucks Kaneohe Are Google-fied

Did I mention that the Starbucks location at Windward City is now powered by Google Wifi? My last check in December 2013 confirmed wireless connectivity provided by attwifi. But during a recent visit to finish my hardcore dash of 2014, I saw the Google Wifi network show up. Additionally, the small Starbucks inside of Windward […]

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Smokin' speeds!

Google Starbucks Gone Leeward

Downtown Starbucks locations seemingly were the first to enjoy Google-provided Wifi networks, replacing the slower AT&T Wifi. More and more Starbucks locations on Oahu are now seeing Google Wifi. On the Leeward side, the Pearl City location on Makolu by Walmart is now Google powered. Starbucks explorer Wayne’s World also reports that the Kapolei location […]

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Still powered by AT&T

Not Yet Google Starbucks in Kaneohe

At least over the Christmas season. My last check on December 21, 2013 of the Starbucks Windward City location in Kaneohe showed its Wifi network still powered by AT&T. While the captive portal interface has adopted a distinct Google Now look, the network speed still isn’t Google-esque.

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Google Starbucks Hits the Aloha State

Did you notice that web surfing at Starbucks Hawaii has gotten a lot faster? At least in the Downtown Honolulu area, Starbucks Wifi is now powered by Google, replacing AT&T. So don’t be surprised when you see this login screen on your smart device. Yup, you are connected to a legit Wifi network. Speedy, speedy!! […]

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Why Doesn’t the TVPad m121 Have Wifi?

Seriously? After online research, I’ve painfully discovered the TVPad m121 does not support Wifi. Not sure if there’s no hardware built into the AppleTV Gen2 looking device, or if the hardware is not software enabled. In either case, makes streaming Internet television much harder without convenient Wifi connectivity. Time to spend more money and set […]

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Can’t Roll Your Own Time Capsule

Didn’t know this, but you can’t use an external USB drive connected to an Apple AirPort Extreme basestation for Time Machine backups. I thought you could on newer Extreme models, but no, you can’t on any Extreme model. I essentially wanted to roll my own Time Capsule by plugging a USB drive into my AirPort […]

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