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Five Guys in DC Is Not New

Unlike Hawaii that got its first Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Mililani this week, a location in Washington DC showed much less crowds. Maybe because it was a Saturday evening or maybe because Five Guys in DC is just not new.

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Almost Paradise

My eyes did not deceive. That is a Foot Locker right next door to a Starbucks. Right next door! That’s almost paradise. Almost because I couldn’t go to either since we were in a hurry.

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Roshes Still Rule

I can’t help but look at the shoes of pedestrians. What I see on NYDC16 is lots of Nike Roshes. Lots. Probably the prevalent sneaker that I’ve noticed. There are quite a few Nike TR trainers too. For all the success of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, I saw lots of GS hats […]

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Blogging on the Railroad

This ain’t too shabby a wat of traveling. Catching the Amtrak for a few hours. A little bumpy but climate controlled, big seats, and free Wifi. So my bottled Starbucks iced coffee costs $3.25, but I’m enjoying it and the ride while blogging on the railroad.

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Not on a Bucket List

Sadly, do not add watching fireworks in our Nation’s capital on Independence Day to your Bucket List. Washington DC on July 4th – can’t get more patriotic than that right? Well, yes, but in reality, it’s also a little underwhelming. Additionally, the weather conditions were not great with light showers throughout the day making the […]

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“No Bill, No Break” Protest

During our tour of the U.S. Capitol, the gun control protest of “No Bill, No Break” went down. We had started our tour of the rotunda when a group of people planted themselves on the floor and started chanting, “No bill, no break,” while holding pictures of their loved ones claimed by shootings. The media […]

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