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Chris Pirillo Rethinks Twitter for Conversations

I guess I wasn’t the only one rethinking things after attending [re]think Hawaii. At the event, Chris Pirillo and Coach Deb had a conversation about conversing on Twitter. Coach Deb felt Twitter was a great tool for conversations while Chris disagreed. The upshot? This video of Chris (recorded in his car while driving) explaining why […]

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[re]think Hawaii Posts

Here’s a summary of posts about [re]think Hawaii. Observed at [re]think Hawaii Part 2 Talking Sponsored Conversations at [re]think Hawaii Confused at [re]think Hawaii Observed at [re]think Hawaii Learned at [re]think Hawaii Looking Like a Dufus with Jill Buck Thinking Through [re]think Hawaii Ready to (Re)Think Hawaii? Here are other posts about [re]think Hawaii as […]

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Observed at [re]think Hawaii Part 2

Actually, I forgot some observations in my first post Observed at [re]think Hawaii, so here’s a follow on post. Safari Top Sites I talked about the Apple love at [re]think Hawaii, but what I also noticed from over-the-shoulder observations is Safari’s Top Sites as a user’s home page. Instead of having a singular traditional home […]

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Talking sponsored conversations at rethink Hawaii

Talking Sponsored Conversations at [re]think Hawaii

One of the interesting sessions I attended at [re]think Hawaii was Coach Deb’s Twitter as a Power PR Tool. While she went through her agenda about using Twitter to generate leads and make connections, an active discussion arose around sponsored conversations (ie getting paid by advertisers to blog or tweet). This conversation carried on through […]

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Confused at [re]think Hawaii

So I learned and observed a few things at [re]think Hawaii, but now it’s time for some uncomfortable questions about the conference that left me confused. Where’s the Hawaii in [re]think Hawaii? At the outset, I had the expectation that [re]think Hawaii would focus on Hawaii and look at how our islands can be re-thought […]

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Unattended Apples

Observed at [re]think Hawaii

Besides learning at [re]think Hawaii, I observed a few things that for whatever reason tickled my mind.  These aren’t necessarily derogatory or anything.  They just are. 🙂 All Asians Are Not Alike Ever since my days at the Asian-laden UC Irvine, I always wondered about the noticeable differences between Asians from Hawaii and Asians from […]

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Coach Deb at Rethink Hawaii

Learned at [re]think Hawaii

I’ve been mentioning [re]think Hawaii for a while now, so what’s it all about? This three-day conference brings: a core group of people from our collective networks together who have a shared interest in solving problems and rethinking tech, business and sustainability I only attended the last day themed Blogworld Social Media Business Summit but […]

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Looking Like a Dufus with Jill Buck

Who’s Jill Buck you say? She’s only the founder of the Go Green Initiative whose mission is to: create a culture of environmental responsibility on school campuses across the nation Here’s Jill’s impressive bio. But anyways back to the story… I was attending [re]think Hawaii during the Blogworld Social Media Summitt day and didn’t recognize […]

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Thinking Through [re]think Hawaii

Still thinking through the events of Day 3 of [re]think Hawaii, but it seems my thoughts are centering around these three ideas: My learning at [re]think Hawaii. Some of my notes from the event. My observations at [re]think Hawaii. Were the guys more well coiffed than the ladies at the conference? My confusion at [re]think […]

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