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Item Pickup Today Does Not Mean in Stock at Walmart

Obviously, I assumed too much when seeing this meter stick on Sure, it’s available for pickup at the Pearl City location today if I order/buy it online. So I guessed that for the item to be available today, it should be in stock at the store. Otherwise, how can it guarantee the item be […]

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Time to Change $AAPL to $TSLA?

With Apple stock prices running near $700 per share, is it time to sell off some shares and invest in Tesla Motors (TSLA)? The electric car makers still have a ways to go but have just announced two more upcoming models, an SUV and a new sports car. At around $30 per share, you could […]

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An iPhone 5 for $20?

If you bought a single share of AAPL stock back in October 1999, your $20 investment can easily afford you a new, maxed out iPhone 5. Heck, for today’s share price of $669, you can get a new iPhone 5, an iPod Touch, and an iPod Nano! Don’t you love this climb?

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