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White Tesla Model 3, Aero Covers Removed

Sorry to whoever’s Tesla Model 3 this is but I had to take a picture for reference. This is a white Model 3 with the stock tires but the Aero covers have been removed. I thought the dark rims would be too contrasty against the white body but nope, looks good!

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Who’s Ordering a Tesla Model 3?

With the official signups for Tesla’s Model 3 starting on March 31, who’s signing up? The reservation will cost $1000 (refundable) so it seems like a safe move to add your name to the list. Since production is slated to start in late 2017, there’s time to figure out if you really want an “affordable” […]

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Poor Radio Reception

Any Lexus owners out there have poor radio reception with the stock deck? We got a used Lexus that’s newer than our (former) Toyotas, but the radio reception is so bad. Driving my normal routes, the FM radio reception is staticky and even drops out at certain spots. This didn’t happen with the Toyota stereos. […]

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Glow in the Dark Car

Okay, I still think the upcoming version of the Nissan Leaf that glows in the dark is more gimmicky than anything else. But, I also admit that the end result is cooler than I would have guessed. Covered with StarPath, the car’s exterior supposedly stays lit for eight to ten hours and over the years […]

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The $150 Gas Cap

Whenever your car’s check engine light goes on, you never know what to expect. It could be bad, incurring a high repair cost. So when my aging Toyota’s light went on, I braced for the worst. Diagnostics said there was a leak in the emissions/fuel system. After troubleshooting and testing, the problem ended up being […]

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Two Weeks with the Mio MiVue 388

After two weeks of driving with the Mio MiVue 388 in-vehicle digital video recorder, I have seen the automotive industry’s accessory of the future. I have no doubt that soon enough, every vehicle on the road will be equipped with cameras. What is the Mio MiVue? Simply, the Mio MiVue is a “dashcam,” or a […]

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Is There a Moped Under There?

I had to do a double take after seeing the 2014 Scion iQ on the road. It’s so tiny and small that I wondered if secretly there was a moped under the exterior. Seriously, two of those cars could quite well fit into a single parking stall. So really, is there a moped under there?

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Time to Change $AAPL to $TSLA?

With Apple stock prices running near $700 per share, is it time to sell off some shares and invest in Tesla Motors (TSLA)? The electric car makers still have a ways to go but have just announced two more upcoming models, an SUV and a new sports car. At around $30 per share, you could […]

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