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Going with the Tesmanian Rear Trunk Mat

Yeah, so the Tesla Model 3 has a design flaw where getting water in the rear trunk is easier than it should be. This normally happens when you open the rain-covered trunk, and the water runs down the elevated trunk hatch to the rear window picking up speed. This fast moving water then overshoots the […]

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Ye in a 3?

Real or photoshopped? Kanye West pulling through a McDonald’s drive through in a Tesla Model 3 (see the roof and telltale door handles).

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White Tesla Model 3, Aero Covers Removed

Sorry to whoever’s Tesla Model 3 this is but I had to take a picture for reference. This is a white Model 3 with the stock tires but the Aero covers have been removed. I thought the dark rims would be too contrasty against the white body but nope, looks good!

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Who’s Ordering a Tesla Model 3?

With the official signups for Tesla’s Model 3 starting on March 31, who’s signing up? The reservation will cost $1000 (refundable) so it seems like a safe move to add your name to the list. Since production is slated to start in late 2017, there’s time to figure out if you really want an “affordable” […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Tesla iPhone Case

I surely can’t afford a Tesla electric vehicle as a holiday gift, but I can afford to gift a Tesla-branded iPhone case. These are made out of remnant leather pieces that are used in actual Telsas and go for $45. But then again, I wonder if these are like those license plate frames that say […]

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Does a Tesla Powerwall Make Sense in Hawaii?

I’m intrigued by all things Tesla including their newest product, the Powerwall. The Powerwall is essentially a Tesla battery installed in the home to store excess power which can then be used later like during a power outage. Additionally, the Powerwall can charge itself when electricity rates are cheaper and then provides power to your […]

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Time to Change $AAPL to $TSLA?

With Apple stock prices running near $700 per share, is it time to sell off some shares and invest in Tesla Motors (TSLA)? The electric car makers still have a ways to go but have just announced two more upcoming models, an SUV and a new sports car. At around $30 per share, you could […]

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Nuuanu Get One Tesla

Spotted this Tesla Roadster car in Nuuanu headed Windward bound. Hmm, that’s two Tesla sightings now. Is there a hidden message ala Ryan Kanno? Update: I thought it was a Tesla Roadster at first glance. Now, I’m not so sure.

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Electrified by the Tesla Model S

Electrified by the Tesla Model S

After reading about Tesla Motors and its lofty goals in this month’s Wired magazine, I admit I’m intrigued about the upcoming, mass produced Model S. It seats seven?! But that base price of $49,000 (with a tax discount) is steep! I wonder how available it would be in Hawaii? And is it me or does the […]

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