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Andy Bumatai’s HI Tech Talk

I shoulda known local talk show host Andy Bumatai was an akamai kind of guy after seeing him at the Kahala Apple Store back in 2007. Andy’s back on the air with his simply named The Andy Bumatai Show where Andy showcases local highlights. But look at recent show topics that cover the high tech […]

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YouTube to the Presidential Rescue

I didn’t have an Obama Day today, but at work, Barack Obama’s inauguration was playing on a television in a conference room. I checked out part of it, but didn’t watch everything since I programmed my Tivo to record the “Presidential Inauguration” figuring I can watch at home. Playing back my Tivo recording, it recorded […]

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Caught with Copyright on YouTube

Yes, you’re not supposed to have copyrighted material on YouTube, but if you’ve ever visited the popular video site, you’d never know the better. You’ll see all kinds of copyrighted material including music videos, snippets from movies, commercials, and television shows. But YouTube does police the content uploaded by its users. I know cause I’ve […]

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Music Via YouTube

I had read about getting music (and music videos) from YouTube before, primarily from a funny post on Mark Cuban’s Blog Maverick. Never looked into it until now… Even though I didn’t luck out and did not get an Xbox 360 for $100, I’ve seen commercials for some of the 360 games and one stood […]

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