Yes, Simply Yes, CleanMyMac 3

Digital hoarders, help is here. Yes, I too have been living with daily messages that my startup disk is almost full. I love my MacBook Air with its speedy solid state drive, but at a mere 256 gigabytes, there’s only so much I can store.

Yes, I’ve gotten rid of music files, transitioning to the cloud via iTunes Music Match. I’ve pruned through my Downloads folder. Every quarter I offload my photo library to an external drive and start anew. But still available drive space got smaller and smaller. Even with 5 gigs of space at the start of a day, I would inevitably get a low space warning by the end of the day. What and why I’m not sure, but there has to be a better way.

Replacing my stock SSD with a bigger one is one option, but hardware surgery on an Air is not something I want to attempt. Instead, check out CleanMyMac 3. This Mac OS X app does exactly that – it cleans your Mac painlessly and thoughtfully. Start with the default Smart Cleanup and let the app scan your drive. The first run may take awhile, but trust me, you’ll be pleasantly pleased with the findings.

CleanMyMac categorizes its cleanup into six sections:

  1. System Junk
  2. iPhoto Junk
  3. Mail Attachments
  4. iTunes Junk
  5. Trash Bins
  6. Large & Old Files

After the scan is complete, you can simply click on the Clean button to recover much needed space. Or you can investigate the individual sections to get more comfortable with what’s getting cleaned.

I started with cleaning the System Junk that includes caches, log files, language files, and other miscellaneous app data. Then I cleaned out iTunes Junk that included things I didn’t realize. A partial iTunes movie download was taking up 2 GB of space and those old iPhone and iPad backups, wow. I had several of these that were over a year old – 8 GB right there! Poking through the Large & Old Files, I discovered I had an old Mac OS X update installer sitting on my drive taking up 1.2 GB.

While I haven’t cleaned through everything yet, I’ve already recovered 20 GB of space, and I’m simply amazed. And even better, while the app is not free, it’s currently 50% off at $19.97 for use on a single machine. Definitely well worth it, and CleanMyMac 3 also includes additional utilities like an uninstaller and routines to run through maintenance, privacy, and extensions. Yes, there are other apps that do similar tasks, but by far, CleanMyMac 3 is the most comprehensive and the most elegant.

You’re still not convinced? Download the free trial version and decide for yourself. The trial version allows full scanning of your Mac but will only delete 500 MB of cruft. If you want to be free of the gigs of junk, you’ll need the full version. Just say yes, simply yes to CleanMyMac 3.

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