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Mountain Dew Game Fuel

New Soda in Stores

Now in stores, new soda from Mountain Dew and Aloha Maid?! Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel Horde Red and Alliance Blue are now in Hawaii. Here’s a review of Horde Red from I didn’t know popular juice maker, Aloha Maid, produces soda as well. Iced tea and guava soda? Umm, I’ll pass.

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Watch the commercial produced by KGMB9 about supporting our local businesses NOW. Very moving. Sorry, can’t embed the video here. You need to visit their site.

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Hotness: Himalayan Kitchen

Here’s the thing: you got to try the awesome hotness of the Himalayan Kitchen in Kaimuki. I don’t think I ever ate Nepali food, but after the Himalayan Kitchen, I want more. First of all, the place isn’t the easiest to find, especially when the (original) Honolulu Advertiser review gives an incorrect address (see the […]

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You Get What You Pay For

Last night, I had to help by brother-in-law who’s premium European car stalled on the way home. I didn’t have to do much since the car is equipped with a special service call button that notifies the “watchmen” of any troubles. Fancy says my wife who also comments that you get what you pay for. […]

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Waikiki Bus Reserved Stall at the Airport

Don’t know when this happened since I’m not a frequent traveler, but the Honolulu International Airport now has reserved stalls for shuttle buses right outside of Arrivals. And I mean right outside, front and center where the primo pickup spots are. The reserved stalls are marked off, and the security guard shoos away any waiting […]

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UH Volleyball Onboard United

Who’s that sitting in aisle seat 26H? Hey, that’s Mike Wilton! Ain’t he the Head Coach of UH Men’s volleyball? I don’t know the team so I can’t identify volleyball players, but there are several tall dudes on this United flight. Update: Here’s a pic of the must-be volleyball dudes.

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102.7 Da Bomb Going Away?

Heard Rella of 102.7 Da Bomb say that after 8 years on the radio, Da Bomb was going away. Was in context of tough economic times but might also be a marketing trick/promotion. Did the station change owners? New name for the station? More details on Monday at 7:00 with Sam Da Man.

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SDV Fail (Sorta)

My recently installed SDV tuning adapter failed me tonight during UH’s win over Fresno State in men’s hoops. The cable signal just stopped, and I wasn’t receiving all the stations. Weirdly enough, the freebie HD channels were there (1003, 1006, 1007, etc) but nothing else. After being on hold with Oceanic for a long time, […]

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SDV Tuning Adapters Come to Oceanic Cable

Looks like the Switched Digital Video (SDV) tuning adapters are now rolling out in Hawaii. After an expected availability of December 2008, Oceanic Cable (Time Warner) is sending out letters to interested SDV customers to schedule installation of tuning adapters. Here’s the letter I got in the mail. I scheduled my appointment with some confusion […]

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