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The Americana is an Eyeful

Right across the street from the Glendale Galleria is the new addition of The Americana at Brand. This place is kinda outdoor shopping, kinda residential area but all an interesting eyeful. Shops are downstairs while condos and apartments are upstairs. The architecture is stunning, and there’s a trolley system and a Bellagio-like fountain that does […]

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Vacation Blogging Brought to You By…

While on my recent Socal vacation, I didn’t have access to a computer for blogging. Instead I updated Pulpconnection using a combination of mobile devices and various Internet services. Here’s a rundown. iPhone (and built-in camera). My iPhone 3G was the primary device for getting online. I used its okay internal camera for posted pictures. […]

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Lots and Lots of Legos

No duh, but Legoland has lots and lots of Legos. Not just in the park, but Legos that you can buy and take home with you. Looks like a candy store. Star Wars themed Legos. Vintage Lego people. I have the 1978 spaceman, both the white and red ones. Had to pickup this Darth Vader […]

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Good Samaritan on the 405 South

While driving to San Diego on the 405 South, there was a stalled van in the middle lane of the busy freeway. The passengers were pushing the van, trying to get to the shoulder lane and out of the way of speeding cars. Very, very dangerous. But this Good Samaritan driving an Albertsons big rig […]

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Anteaters Enjoy their Coffee

The Anteaters of UC Irvine, the Home of Eater Nation, like their coffee. A full fledged Starbucks store has infiltrated the campus taking the spot of the school’s outside cafe. The school itself has gotten a facelift with major renovations of the exterior of the Student Center. The inside of the Bookstore looks about the […]

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Potato Heads at Disneyland

Disneyland’s California Adventure has its share of Potato Heads in the park. Here’s a huge one outside of the Toy Story Mania ride. You can pickup the latest Star Wars spuds like Luke Frywalker, Yam Solo, Darth Mash, Spuda Fett, and Princess Tater. And of course, you can stuff as many parts into a box […]

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Stylin' to a Lakers Game

Stylin’ to a Lakers Game

On the first day of our Southern California (Socal) vacation, I caught a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. The Lakers played the Golden State Warriors, and I figured the game would be empty since the Warriors aren’t an NBA powerhouse. I was wrong. The attraction of Kobe, Pau, DFish, Odom, and Ariza brings the fans […]

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Waikiki Bus Reserved Stall at the Airport

Don’t know when this happened since I’m not a frequent traveler, but the Honolulu International Airport now has reserved stalls for shuttle buses right outside of Arrivals. And I mean right outside, front and center where the primo pickup spots are. The reserved stalls are marked off, and the security guard shoos away any waiting […]

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iPod Vending Machine in Glendale

So Hawaii isn’t the only state with iPod vending machines at Macys stores. Yeah, Macys Ala Moana and Kahala have theirs, and if you happen to be at the Macys in the Glendale Galleria, you’ll see this familiar site.

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Twilight Fanaticism at its Finest

Talk about fanaticism for the Twilight series! Did you attend your Twilight viewing party when the DVD was released on March 21? Did your viewing party have a test (based on the book, not the movie)? Did your party include handmade Twilight party favors? Was there a life sized cutout of Edward Cullen? No? Then […]

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UH Volleyball Onboard United

Who’s that sitting in aisle seat 26H? Hey, that’s Mike Wilton! Ain’t he the Head Coach of UH Men’s volleyball? I don’t know the team so I can’t identify volleyball players, but there are several tall dudes on this United flight. Update: Here’s a pic of the must-be volleyball dudes.

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