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I Am Drawn to This

…but would never wear it… I think. KITH Hoth Crewneck This Hoth crewneck is releasing on KITH starting on Monday, December 20, 2021 as part of their Star Wars collaboration. Actually, there are several interesting pieces in this collection.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Instant Pot x Star Wars

See, Star Wars themed items are always popular during the Holidays. Yes, Baby Yoda merch is definitely on its way, and there’s the Igloo collaboration with Star Wars. Let’s go the other way on the temperature spectrum from Hoth to Mustafar with an Instant Pot. But not just any Instant Pot, this Christmas deserves a […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Baby Yoda

I’ve only seen the first episode of The Mandalorian streaming on Disney+, but that’s all it takes to know that “Baby Yoda” has to be the hit gift for 2019. Except that you can’t find any Baby Yoda merchandise – nothing official anyways. But assumedly, that is going to change. There’s no way Disney can forgo […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Star Wars Igloo

Chances are everyone has an insulated carrier aka an Igloo of some sort from over the years. They just kinda work (until they don’t), so why would you give the gift of an Igloo? Because the Force is with you. And the Force will be with anyone toting any of these Igloo x Star Wars […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Star Wars x Levi’s

I know the Force is strong and seemingly every Christmas, Star Wars-themed products flood the holiday market, and 2019 is no different. What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want a denim Levi’s jacket emblazoned with Luke, Leia, and some Star Destroyers? November 1 is the day to shop for your Star Wars fan, and no lie, […]

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Where Can I Get Space Pants?

After watching Peter Dinklage rap about his space pants, you know you have to get yourself a pair. But where can you get said space pants? These are the closest I have previously found. Perhaps these from eBay will do the trick, especially since they are sized for Asians.

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R2D2 Humidifier

Yes, that’s correct. That little R2 unit is more than an X-Wing co-pilot and holder of Death Star plans. That droid will also humidify the air around you. Of course, he does need some help in the form of bottled water, but plug that in and enjoy Dagobah-like conditions… unless this is not the droid […]

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Notes from The Force Awakens

Finally saw The Force Awakens, Episode 7 of the Star Wars saga. I enjoyed the show especially the nostaligia it brought back, but I have questions about the film that I need to capture. Needless to say, spoilers ahead. So don’t read any more unless you’ve seen The Force Awakens or don’t mind learning a […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Star Wars Socks

There’s no denying that the next installment of Star Wars will have all our attention on December 18th. Right now, you just can’t go wrong with Star Wars-themed merchandise such as these socks from Stance. Stance already makes awesome socks of good quality and great design, but socks depicting droids, the Jedi, and all your […]

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