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Best One-day Disneyland Itinerary

So far, this post has the best one-day Disneyland itinerary, plans, and strategies that I can find for 2023. Looking for ideas on spending one day at both Disneyland and California Adventure using a park hopper pass. Targeting the newest attractions such as Star Wars Galaxy Edge and the DCA Marvel campus. Also working […]

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Disneyland and California Adventure Update

Want to know about the upcoming changes to Disneyland, primarily to California Adventure with the opening of Cars Land? Read this Laughingplace blog post for a great summary. Makes you want to go back to the Magic Kingdom when most of the changes are done this summer! You gotta admit that Luigi’s Flying Tires is […]

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Kicks at Disneyland Are Bright and Bold

If you’re going to visit Disneyland any time soon, be sure to bring your brightest and boldest pair of shoes you own. Don’t worry, you won’t stick out. In fact, you’ll merely fit in with the rest of the masses. What did I see during a recent visit to Mickey’s hood? Many Nike running shoes, […]

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“Naughty” Videos for the Week

Just some “naughty” videos to start your week.    Your guilty pleasure, Miley Cyrus, has a top seller with Party in the USA. But these fellows naughtily ignored copyright issues and created their own flamboyant video called Party in the FIP. Surprisingly, Disney is overlooking this copyright transgression and letting the guys party in the […]

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Mickey Milk

While pouring out milk for our kids, some droplets fell on the countertop to make this image. Reminds me of those stories where people randomly find depictions of religious icons in things like a grilled cheese sandwich, dental x-rays, a rock, and more.

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Disney’s BFF Extended Edition Marketing Genius

What genius Disney has using new school lingo like BFF in their latest DVD release, Princess Protection Program: Royal B.F.F Extended Edition. What other marketing terms could there be? How about the LOL version? Or the even better, ROFLMAO rendition. I’d be sure to get products tagged as ZOMG, and the NSFW edition is sure […]

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Potato Heads at Disneyland

Disneyland’s California Adventure has its share of Potato Heads in the park. Here’s a huge one outside of the Toy Story Mania ride. You can pickup the latest Star Wars spuds like Luke Frywalker, Yam Solo, Darth Mash, Spuda Fett, and Princess Tater. And of course, you can stuff as many parts into a box […]

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