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Stadium Mall to Nuuanu Via the H3

So to see how traffic was, I mapped out Stadium Mall to Nuuanu on Google Maps. Amazingly, Google told me to take the H3 over the Koolaus then go townbound on the Pali. 30 minutes said Google. I was thinking of taking Moanalua Highway towards Tripler, but Google said that route would take 15 minutes […]

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iPhone 7 Migration: Authenticator

I should have seen this coming, but I forgot that my two-factor authentication codes might get messed up switching phones (and also upgrading to a new iOS). Sure enough, launching Google Authenticator on my iPhone 7 brought up a new, blank configuration. Luckily, all my accounts and codes are on my old iPhone so accounts […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: U2F Security Key

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: U2F Security Key

This is for the security conscious techie person in your life. You may have heard about the many recent online incidents dealing with stolen passwords, credit card information, and personal photos. The key take away is that the traditional password just isn’t enough to protect your online identity. This holiday season you need to better […]

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Google Wifi SpeedTest

Two-thirds of Starbucks Kaneohe Are Google-fied

Did I mention that the Starbucks location at Windward City is now powered by Google Wifi? My last check in December 2013 confirmed wireless connectivity provided by attwifi. But during a recent visit to finish my hardcore dash of 2014, I saw the Google Wifi network show up. Additionally, the small Starbucks inside of Windward […]

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Smokin' speeds!

Google Starbucks Gone Leeward

Downtown Starbucks locations seemingly were the first to enjoy Google-provided Wifi networks, replacing the slower AT&T Wifi. More and more Starbucks locations on Oahu are now seeing Google Wifi. On the Leeward side, the Pearl City location on Makolu by Walmart is now Google powered. Starbucks explorer Wayne’s World also reports that the Kapolei location […]

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Still powered by AT&T

Not Yet Google Starbucks in Kaneohe

At least over the Christmas season. My last check on December 21, 2013 of the Starbucks Windward City location in Kaneohe showed its Wifi network still powered by AT&T. While the captive portal interface has adopted a distinct Google Now look, the network speed still isn’t Google-esque.

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Google Starbucks Hits the Aloha State

Did you notice that web surfing at Starbucks Hawaii has gotten a lot faster? At least in the Downtown Honolulu area, Starbucks Wifi is now powered by Google, replacing AT&T. So don’t be surprised when you see this login screen on your smart device. Yup, you are connected to a legit Wifi network. Speedy, speedy!! […]

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Google Street View Trekker

Google Street View Trekker Hits Hawaii

The popular Google Maps service has a simple goal – to make the perfect map. With views from space to views on the street level to views underwater, you gotta be passionate, dedicated, and just a little bit crazy to get the “perfect map.” And that’s what the team at Google Maps is, a little […]

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Today’s Google Doodle

Go to today and check out the artwork doodle from the theme “My Best Day Ever…” This doodle was created by Sabrina Brady, a high school senior. Here’s part of her story.

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Trying Out NewsBlur RSS Reader

Since Google announced the sunset of its RSS Reader service, I’m giving NewsBlur a try. Granted RSS has become my distant third option for discovering content and reading news with Facebook and Twitter tied for my online news top spots. But I do miss the wide capture of my RSS feeds over the year so […]

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Google Now

Test Driving Google Now

Google Now recently became available on iOS via an updated Google search app, so one morning I took it for a test drive. Nothing fancy, app defaults taken, minimal customization, and a daily commute to work. Here’s what Google Now presented to me. Pretty mundane. Nothing out of the ordinary. Let’s compare the weather. Google […]

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