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Escalators Are Not Exercise Machines

Please keep that in mind the next time you’re riding an escalator and repeat to yourself, “Escalators are not exercise machines.” If you forget, this sign will help you remember. Now I would have expected something like this at Ala Moana where it seems mandatory that at least one set of escalators is broken. But […]

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Ross Windward Mall Opens This Week

Are you ready? Hawaii’s latest Ross location in Hawaii opens in Windward Mall on Friday, October 12, 2018 according to the Ross store locator. Now I don’t know what time the store actually opens since I doubt the grand opening would actually occur at 7:30am. I mean the Ala Moana grand opening didn’t occur at […]

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Ross Kaneohe Remodeling

I’m not quite sure how extensive it’ll be, but the only Ross in Kaneohe (for now) is being remodeled. The store is still open for business but the interior is changing around. Sections have moved and are crammed together while other areas have been cleared out. My shopping flow has been thrown off by all […]

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Ross Windward Mall?

Is the Dress for Less Store headed to Windward Mall? If so, the last of the OG malls would have a Ross location. First was Pearlridge then Kahala. The Ala Moana location was a recent addition, and 2018 could welcome the former Sports Authority space in Windward Mall.

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Changes at Windward Mall

Could it be that I haven’t been to Windward Mall since the holiday shopping season of 2015? Wow, that’s a long time, and in that time, there have been several changes. Let’s take a look shall we? While the food court has been blanketed in free WiFi for some time and Starbucks provides speedy Google […]

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Sikdorak II to Take On Kaneohe

Now this is a business challenge with Sikorak opening its second location in Kaneohe. I’m guessing Sikdorak II mimics the all-you-can-eat-Korean-food-for-$20 as the original Sikdorak. But there is a twist with a maximum 90-minute stay. That 90-minute restriction will make or break Sikdorak II I’m thinking. People in Kaneohe love bargains (just how many discount […]

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Bath & Body Works Windward Mall

Bath & Body Works quietly opened its doors in Windward Mall during the week of October 5, 2015. Occupying a “corner” location, this unusually shaped store is fully stocked with fall and Halloween-seasonal scents. You can sample Vampire’s Blood, House of Horrors, Ghoul Friend or perhaps some Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Pumpkin Latte, or Pumpkin Cupcake. […]

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A 1-2-3-4+ Morning

This morning featured a major, six-plus car accident on the H1 westbound. Not wanting to be stuck in that snarled traffic, I sheltered at Starbucks in Kaneohe and snacked on a bacon, egg, gouda breakfast sandwich that earned me 3 bonus reward stars. Checking Waze and Twitter for traffic updates, it still didn’t look good, […]

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LeBron X Low Plum/Electric Green at Ross

My eyes popped when I saw these LeBron X Lows stashed away in the corner of the shoe section at Ross. In the size 8 area, but really a size 9.5, these kicks are the red plum/electric green colorway. Sadly, I could have fit these 20 years ago, but now a 9.5 is just too […]

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October is Oc-Clover

October 2014 in Hawaii is becoming Oc-Clover with Starbucks finally making the Clover brewing system available on-island. Starting on Thursday, October 23, select Clover locations will fire up their machines (with trained personnel).

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IHOP Closed

Truthfully, I didn’t see this one happening but draw the curtains on IHOP at Windward Mall since they’re now closed. Okay, IHOP isn’t known for fine dining, but they are a well known breakfast chain and being the only place open in Windward Mall in the mornings, I thought that would be all the advantage […]

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Was Kaneohe Coffee-less This Morning?

According to HECO, a major section of Kaneohe was without power this morning mainly affecting commercial businesses like Starbucks. The 24-hour drive-thru rendered worthless, the early-opening-but-can’t-access Starbucks inside Windward Mall unavailable. Still though, the green aprons of the mermaid showed up to work, just to apologize to caffeine-addicts. Maybe the Windward City location had power […]

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