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Pulpconnection Now Encrypted

Thanks to DreamHost and their partnership with Let’s Encrypt, Pulpconnection can now be reached using the secure SSL communications at But… I did it wrong or at least didn’t really have a good understanding of what I was getting into. While secured communications is a good thing, I didn’t realize how much unsecure communications was […]

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Island Snow Hat CDN Test

Needed an image to test out DreamHost’s DreamObjects CDN service so here’s the latest pics on my iPhone. These are cool-looking hats from the new Island Snow location in Kailua.

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Now “Spinning” on SSDs

Things here at Pulpconnection should be a little snappier since the site is now “spinning” on SSD drives. I got a notice that Pulpconnection has been upgraded to DreamPress 2. Supposedly this move to solid state drives alone can ramp up performance up to 200%. While I don’t think my site loads twice as fast, […]

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Reading About DreamPress 2

What’s this about the release of DreamPress 2? Dreamhost’s managed WordPress environment recently got revved with some cool features. Files are now stored and served up from speedy SSD drives. Automatic daily backups appear to be newly added, and of course, there’s all the other performance enhancing features that got even better. Nice. Very nice.

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The New Look of Pulp

Notice anything different around here? Actually, Pulpconnection has been different since the end of August, but I just didn’t have the focus to summarize the changes. So on a quiet Sunday morning with a cup of Nespresso, I’m motivated to list the changes. New Look First and foremost, you’ll notice the new look of Pulpconnection. […]

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Converted to DreamPress

There, it’s done. Pulpconnection is back, and this time it’s running on Dreamhost’s managed WordPress service called DreamPress. Over the years, I went from a shared server to a virtual private server (VPS) that gave me more control but meant that I had to exert more control. That’s good and bad. There were times when […]

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Because Ninja

With the advent of more top level domains, I’m changing up Pulpconnnection’s custom domain used for shortening links. In the past, I’ve used and, but now, I’m using Yes, .ninja is a valid domain. Yeah, yeah, this vanity domain is actually longer so it defeats the purpose of shortening links. But I […]

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New Years Site Cleaning

Over the end of December and beginning of January 2014, Pulpconnection has been getting hit hard. Not sure how or why but server resource allocation skyrocketed and stayed there for long periods of time. Because of this, Pulpconnection would be unavailable for periods of time. Even after server reboots, resources would be consumed once again […]

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Pulpconnection Has a Pulse

Seems like Pulpconnection has a pulse now, actually being more responsive and not timing out. Could it be things are fixed? But the damage to Pulpconnection’s blogging ranks is probably already done. Only way to climb the ranks is to keep blogging. Just Do It!

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Prolonged Pulpconnection Outage

Sorry for the off-and-on behavior of Pulpconnection for the past few days. There’s been a prolonged outage as my server on Dreamhost is getting fixed. First there was a planned behind-the-scenes migration for my Dreamhost server. But then, there was an unexpected hardware issue. Because of this, Pulpconnection has been coming and going as things […]

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DreamPress, Should I?

Dreamhost just announced their new high-revving WordPress hosting service called DreamPress. Sounds like a “dream” come true if you’ve been maintaining your own WordPress install and balancing its resources and performance against cost. DreamPress seems to hit the right price point but initially, the cost is per site. I wish it were for several sites, […]

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